Featured Artist

Steffi Acevedo Ceramics

Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Steffi Acevedo is a ceramic artist creating modern handcrafted pieces for everyday use. Her functional wares have clean lines with gentle curves and walk the line between playful and minimal. She likes to showcase seams and curves to capture the soft plasticity of clay at the making stage.

Northern Kiln Blog

Behind The Wheel

In our new series, Behind The Wheel, learn about what inspires our potters, the challenges they've faced, & their favourite pieces.

Not My Mother's Pottery

Featuring a new piece from a Northern Kiln customer, Cathie deVries discusses the evolution of her ceramic collection throughout her life.

Pottery Care Instructions

Handmade pottery is very durable and meant to be enjoyed.  Ensure to follow our care instructions to increase the longevity of your pottery pieces.