Give local art
a seat at the table. 

Add art and functionality to your Thanksgiving meal with handmade pottery from local Canadian artists.  Unique shapes molded from clay meet colourful glazes to offer one of a kind dishes that are guaranteed to start a conversation. 

What's Your Favourite Season?


Luloba Céramiques

"I love when the weather cools down and the leaves start to change.  I used to live on the West Coast and the Fall season was what I missed the most about Québec – apple picking, the smell of crunching leaves, and crisp hikes that end with a mug of hot cider."


Fall is certainly my favourite season too and not just because of the pumpkin pie.  The falling temperature means cozy sweaters, warm teas and it encourages me to cook more - warm, filling and comforting meals.  Thanksgiving is, of course, the pinnacle of warm, filling meals.

It All Starts In The Kitchen

For most families, the Thanksgiving meal revolves around traditional recipes and the food on the table rarely changes from year to year.  So how can you have fun with the meal?  The table itself!

Let's start with serving dishes.  I love the ever functional Covered Casserole Dish from Sue Cornell (pictured below) because it can go from oven to table.  Oven-safe, I'll bake my dish right in the pot and I will carry it straight to the table for serving.  The beauty of the dish means I don't need to move the food into a separate serving dish, saving me on the clean-up.

When cooking a large meal timing can be so tough.  It's inevitable that one of the dishes will be done before all the rest.  That's why I love the Circular 11" Platter from Muraï Céramique. Once my veggies finish cooking (always the first to be done in my house) I will plate them on this platter and then pop them back in the warm oven just before dinner is ready to be served.  Oven-safe serving dishes really are a life saver!  Look out for the oven safe icon when shopping on our site.

The important thing to note is that you want to avoid thermal shock which can cause your pottery to break or crack.  You don't want the pot to experience a drastic temperature change so always preheat the dish by placing in the cold oven and letting it warm up with the oven's pre-heat cycle.  

I'll be using my Covered Casserole Dish ($80) from Sue Cornell for my Mashed Potato Casserole.

Setting The Table

Create a beautiful table setting for your guests with handmade stoneware dishes.  White speckled clay plates from Good Wheel Ceramics won't take away from your perfectly cooked food but instead provide a neutral, polished background for plating.

Add some excitement and colour to the place setting with a mix of coloured stoneware tumblers from Iben Overgaard Pottery.  These white stoneware cups feature a coloured stripe and are available in black, blue, green, rose, orange and white.

Dinner Plate

Good Wheel Ceramics


White Striped Tumblers (2)

Iben Overgaard Pottery


Jody Lewis

Good Wheel Ceramics

"Thanksgiving is my family’s biggest holiday so there is always tons of people and enough food to feed an army. My partner and I baked a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving a couple years back and my family was thoroughly confused by it. I learned then that I grew up eating sweet potato pie, not pumpkin pie! They look very similar, but now I know where we stand as a family on that issue."


Table Accoutrements

If you aren't ready to invest in a new set of dinnerware, we have many pottery options that are versatile and inexpensive.

Add colour, functionality and a story to your table with a unique butter dish, gravy jug or vase.  Utilize a ceramic pitcher to serve cold drinking water to your guests.  The clay acts as an insulator so the water will stay cool for the entire meal.

Butter Dish

Muraï Céramique


Gravy Jug

Muraï Céramique


When Its All Over

The best part about my ceramic casserole dish?  I will just pile all the leftovers inside, for a Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole which I can just pop into the oven the next day (let the pot come to room temperature before warming up to avoid thermal shock).

And then there is the worst part of the meal - the clean up.  But good news - handmade pottery is more durable than you might expect!  Many pieces are suitable for the dishwasher which will make this task much easier - watch for the dishwasher safe icon when shopping on our site.

Now whether your aperitif is an espresso, coffee, tea, whiskey or a second piece of pie, relax and enjoy - you've earned it!

Sue Cornell

Passionate Potter

"My favourite thing about Thanksgiving is sitting around the table with all my family and being thankful for all the good things in life.  Sharing a great meal together and exchanging memories and laughter is priceless."


September 14, 2021 — Rhiane Heslop