Nothing beats decorating your home with beautiful and unique handcrafted pottery. To have it come from a local potter, in a time where supporting local, independent artists is more important than ever, is simply the icing on the cake. Or should we say, the glaze?

It’s one thing to browse for new kitchenware at a department or home decor store. If you want handcrafted pieces, however, it’s a whole other ballgame. Shopping for handmade pottery often involves a day of browsing an open-air artisan’s market, popping in and out of art galleries or a trip to an event hosted by a local potters’ guild. 

Whether you’re looking to acquire your first piece of handmade pottery or are looking to expand your existing collection, here are some of the many places you can buy handmade pottery in Canada.

Local Potters’ Guilds

A potters’ guild is an organization that supports the needs of potters in their community. For potters, they can provide benefits such as access to workspaces, discounted supplies, educational opportunities and a community of like-minded individuals. 

For those looking to shop, potters’ guilds typically host events throughout the year where you can view and purchase pieces directly from the potters themselves. Outside of these events, most potters’ guilds will have a directory of members so you can purchase from them individually.

Craft and Artisan’s Markets

Craft and artisan’s markets held throughout the year can also be an excellent opportunity to purchase handmade pottery. These events will feature a wider range of artists but as potters are found throughout our beautiful country, there’s a good chance you’ll find at least one or two potters there!

Local Art Galleries and Museums

Many local art galleries and museums will feature and sell pieces from local artists, including potters. Stop by when they’re open to see what they have for sale and, of course, to enjoy the beautiful artwork and exhibits that are simply for enjoyment as well!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for while you’re there, don’t be afraid to ask! The art community tends to be a tight-knit one, so chances are someone working at the gallery will be able to send you in the right direction to find the pottery of your dreams.

Directly From Potters 

It’s becoming increasingly easy to buy directly from potters outside of events. Some potters may operate their own storefront or welcome visitors to their studio, while others may use e-commerce or facilitate sales online through e-transfers. Simply search for the website or social media profile of potters in your area to learn more about what they have to offer. 

If you see something you like but you’re not sure whether or not it’s for sale or how you can buy it, don’t be afraid to ask!


Etsy is an online market place for handmade goods and vintage items. It has a wide selection of products and artists from around the world, including handmade pottery.

Etsy is a great platform for buyers and sellers alike; for potters it offers them a chance to sell online without having to worry about running their own website and payment systems while for buyers, it gives you a huge selection of artists to shop from and a secure payment platform for your purchases.

The Northern Kiln

The Northern Kiln is Canada’s premium online destination to shop handmade, Canadian pottery. The website features pieces from a wide selection of Canadian potters with shipping available throughout Canada. Launching January 2021, it was created in an effort to assist local potters in selling their art amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With affordable shipping prices, a great selection of unique pieces and the knowledge that you’re supporting independent Canadian potters, The Northern Kiln is a must-visit site when you’re looking to buy handmade pottery pieces in Canada.


Whether you prefer to shop in an open-air market or you’re all about the online shopping, there are no shortages of opportunities to buy handmade pottery in Canada. Even with social distancing and other public health restrictions due to the pandemic, there are still plenty of opportunities to buy pottery online and have it shipped straight to your home. Happy shopping!

Visit The Northern Kiln’s online collection today to shop handmade pottery from local potters in Ontario and throughout Canada.

January 17, 2021 — Rhiane Heslop