Above The Sea Pottery

Krista Sears

Vancouver Island, BC

I have always had a serious thing for pottery.  I love the way it feels in my hands and how each “one of a kind” piece can dress up a table for a celebration or simply make your morning coffee or tea feel just a bit more special.  After many years on the “buying” side of the pottery obsession, I guess it was only natural that I eventually made the transition to “making”.

The first time that I touched clay was in an introductory pottery class in the fall of 2018.  From there I was immediately hooked and eventually set up a small studio in my home at the onset of the pandemic.  My daughter Sara took an interest in joining me in the studio shortly thereafter and while the world was forced to slow its pace, we spent many precious hours learning and creating together. 

We are fortunate to be surrounded by the beauty of Vancouver Island, BC and I gather much of my inspiration from the forest, mountains and ocean.  I cherish every moment that I spend in my studio and would be sincerely delighted if one of my pieces could add a little joy to your day!


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