Eve-Marie Laliberté

Eve-Marie Laliberté

Montreal | Quebec

Since early childhood I dabbled with every possible art medium.  Although I loved drawing and painting, there was always something missing.  I put my hands in clay one day while taking a pottery class at a community centre in downtown Vancouver and fell in love with it!

I am a Montreal-based ceramic artist and graphic designer by trade.  I learned from wonderful people in both fields in Montreal, Vancouver and Paris. It provides my work with a playful yet functional approach. I hand build, throw or pinch soft-shaped objects before making molds and replicating them in small series. Organic and whimsical decorations break with the mechanical aspect of slip-casting, allowing me to create
unique pieces as well.

What drives me is exploring shapes and colours and I marvel at creative accidents imagining new collections based on the latter.  I like the link between shape, function and space an object presents and the way light touches it. I am inspired by nature, people and anything design related.

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