La Chamotte

Isabel Mayrand

Granby, Quebec

Granby, QuebecI like to say that I weave the five elements - water, earth, air, fire and wood - to give them final shapes and colours.  My pieces reflect harmonious shapes; they are generous and unique, decorated to fit current trends of interior decorating.  I hope my pieces will reflect the joy and passion that I instilled in them throughout the creative process.

I have taken pottery courses in West-Bolton for 6 years, at Robin Badger and Robert Chartier studio. From teachers they became more like family, but like in every family, it was time to leave the nest. Establishing a studio in Granby was the next, most exciting project.  Bringing pieces into the world, turning them, glazing, revealing them through the different stages and firing, is for me an amazing, creative journey.

I feel a lot of joy when my hands come into contact with clay. I feel projected into a peaceful dimension. I put aside the intellect to live in the moment of creation. It is each time an intense and sincere encounter with my creative side, my passion and my sensitivity.

My next passion will be finding my own glazes, which I consider to be a true quest for an alchemist. It is an activity that requires hard work. Many hours of research, weighings to the nearest tenth of a gram, trials, disappointments, numerous tests and samples, before arriving at the shine of the vibrant color that will make your piece unique.


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