Pottery By Lucy

Lucy Willemsen

Val des Monts, Quebec

In the fall of 2018 Lucy discovered her true calling after taking a beginners class in clay. She wanted to make birch bark pottery. 

Since then she has thrown herself into learning the art form and has built a home pottery studio where she creates her works of art.  Lucy lives in Val des Monts, Quebec beside a lake and beautiful forests. The natural landscape inspires many of her clay creations - both on the wheel and hand built. Her striking birch bark series being the clearest example of this. 

Lucy has worked in various arts for many years and many of these specific skills are used in order to create the natural shapes and textures in her pottery. While Lucy loves working to achieve realistic nature-inspired creations, she also has fun playing with colour and the challenge of commissioned works.  When she isn’t in her pottery studio, Lucy enjoys spending time with her husband Dwight, their animals, doing maintenance, gardening, trail blazing or cooking up a storm.


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