Robyn Read Ceramics

Robyn Read

Chelsea, Quebec

Robyn spends her time with her hands in clay one way or another all year. A potter during the winter months, and a garlic grower during the summer, she enjoys keeping her hands in the cool mud and her clothes streaked with clay through all the seasons.

 A nature lover, she studied horticulture and still works as a landscaper and farmer in the warmer months. Growing up in the Ottawa Valley with a fine artist mother, she and her three sisters grew up surrounded by all art mediums, a chaotic mess of paintbrushes, rice paper, and many cats. Eventually ending up in the vibrant art community of the Gatineau Hills, she took a course on pottery in 2019 and was instantly hooked. She now has a home studio in her Chelsea, Quebec home where she enjoys the creation mostly of functional pottery, and handmade, unique glazes. She also enjoys foraging clays from the wild, lugging buckets of blue-grey clay out of ravines and scooping smooth tan clays from streambeds.


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