Sue Cornell

Sue Cornell

Brantford, Ontario

For me, pottery is my second career. One night I joined a few friends for a “fun night out” at a local community college to take a pottery class.  For three of us, 25 years later, we are still creating pots.  Following my retirement I was able to devote more of my time to developing my knowledge base and my skill level.  I enjoy doing all types of firings and I always look for a new challenge. My functional pieces are usually completed in a gas kiln reduction firing. I like the way the flames play with the glazes and give the pieces an interesting depth to their colour.  Alternative types of firings that I do are Raku, Horse Hair, and Saggar firings. These types of firings produce beautiful one of a kind pieces that are different with every firing.

Although I enjoy creating the pots and sculptures, my greatest pleasure comes from the people who appreciate my work.


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