Northwinds Pottery Parry Sound

Tracy Cates

Parry Sound, Ontario

My studio, Northwinds Pottery, is located in Parry Sound where the beauty of Georgian Bay inspires my line of work. I began my journey as a potter over 20 years ago, when I fell in love with the magic of transforming a ball of clay on the potters’ wheel into a functional piece of art. Pottery, the most ancient of art forms, requires a slow, multi-step process, resulting in beautiful functional art which will last hundreds of years. I believe that handmade pottery enhances the simple moments in our lives such as sipping coffee, and serving food to our loved ones. The marks on the clay, the slight variations in shape and glaze from piece to piece, remind the user of the handmade beauty of the pot, connecting the user to the maker. From my hand to yours.


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