Handmade Canadian Pottery

Handmade Canadian Pottery
Hey 👋 I'm Rhiane and this is my site although it would be nothing without the amazing, talented Canadian potters that have joined this initiative!  Although I hope to try a pottery workshop when COVID is over, I am not a maker.  I'm more into web design and coding and taking pictures of pottery.  Oh, and shopping, definitely shopping.

Speaking of which, I tried to shop my favourite potters from the comfort of my computer chair at the beginning of the first lockdown in Spring 2020.  I was disappointed to realize that most did not have an online presences but like the rest of the world, I assumed the pandemic would be over in a few weeks and I'd be strolling the aisles of a Guild sale shortly.  Oh, how I was wrong.

When October arrived and the pandemic hadn't disappeared, I stood in a long line in the pouring rain, mask on and two metres apart just to get my hands on some ceramics!  The Hamilton Potter's Guild was hosting an outdoor sale and the community was out in full force!  That night I began building The Northern Kin.  Now we can buy pottery any time, any where - no matter the restrictions.

In an effort to provide a painless, fair, online selling experience I developed The Northern Kiln as a platform offering that requires no technical skills to list and sell.  I wanted potters to be able to focus on their art and not worry about learning HTML or the best way to ship fragile items.  The Northern Kiln takes care of everything.

On our site you will find only handmade, Canadian 🍁 pottery that is either one-of-a-kind or small batch designs.  We will always offer low shipping rates to anywhere in the country.  When you shop with us, you are shopping local Canadian potters.