Purple and Gold Triangle Statement Stud Dangle

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Statement earrings that are light enough to wear everyday. This bold design stands out in a crowd and adds some fun to your lobes. Surgical steel posts are fixed to the back of the stud with a 2 part epoxy and tightfitting earring backs are provided.

These ceramic earrings are made with red stoneware and real 22k gold. They are glazed in a dreamy purple colour with a combination of two glazes which I made myself. They are then fired to 2300 degrees Celsius in an electric kiln. Finally, gold lustre is added abstractly onto pieces, which are then fired in the kiln a third time to finish.

Measurements (approximate)
Long Triangle Style: 1.5cm wide, 4cm long

Due to the handmade nature of these items, measurements, patterns, gold placement and colours may vary slightly from the image

Handcrafted by Emily Wilfong

 Chelsea, Quebec